New Mom registration opens January 10, 2018

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  1. Mandy Thurman says:

    Is registration open?

    • bowlinggreen says:

      Registration opened Wednesday, January 11 at 7:00am, and filled to capacity in just over 48 hours. We are so sorry you missed it. Megan and I have been seeking all options that would allow us to increase our consignor limit, unfortunately, space constrains us. In order for everyone to have the most enjoyable experience when shopping at Duck Duck Goose it is necessary to remain at the 400 consignor limit. I really wish we could make exceptions for our regular consignors especially! You are like family to us. Please know, we are trying hard to find a larger location for the next sale.

      We have started a wait list and you have been added according to the order in which your email was received. We have already had three registered consignors un-register, so there is a possibility others will un-register too. I would recommend you go ahead and prepare and tag your items. — Just in case!
      If a spot becomes available, I will send you an email notifying you that there is an opening. YOU MUST REPLY WITH YOUR CONSIGNOR NUMBER WITHIN 24 HOURS OR THE NEXT PERSON ON THE LIST WILL BE OFFERED THE OPENING. (I know 24 hours isn’t a long time, but with so many still wanting to register we feel this limit is best for everyone.) I WILL MANUALLY REGISTER YOU, THEN SEND YOU A CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITH ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS ONCE I HAVE COMPLETED YOUR REGISTRATION.
      We truly wish we had space to accommodate everyone who missed registration! We will make every effort we can to get you in, as a returning consignor, you are very important to us!

      Thanks for your understanding.

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