New Worker Policy

NEW Policy for workers- PLEASE READ…

We have struggled the last few events with volunteers that do not show up for their scheduled work shifts. This not only puts extra burden on those who DO show up, but creates a lack of stability in our team and raises questions about the benefits received by those who do not follow through with their commitment.

Currently, the main benefits to volunteering are the opportunity to shop early, save money on registration, spending time with other moms, dads and teens in a FUN environment and being entered into a drawing where you could earn 100% of your sales! Knowing that some have enjoyed the benefits yet made the choice NOT to show up as expected, creates a poor environment for teamwork.  In the past, we deducted funds from the checks of those consignors that abused the system and were told by some consignors that they were fine with the extra $20 deduction per shift and that the benefit shopping early was worth the cost. This attitude has cause for concern.

So, in response, we have polled many of our long standing, reliable workers to help create the most effective policy to assure our volunteers will show up for their scheduled work shifts. They’re vote was unanimous…

From this season forward…

In addition to the $20 per missed shift, the penalty for DUCKING-OUT of EVEN ONE work shift will change the percentage of your earnings.  Everyone currently makes a 70/30 split.  However, if you sign up to volunteer and choose NOT to show up for one or more shifts, your percentage will change to 30/70.  We prefer having YOU… NOT the extra percentage!!!

Duck-Duck-Goose is run by moms who volunteer their time to help make the event great for everyone!! Thanks to all of you who have sacrificed and volunteered to help the moms who can’t take time off from their jobs, have a sick loved one, have little ones and no childcare or those who live in a different state and can’t manage working a shift.  Our desire is to keep the option of working the sale… optional.  We know families have struggles and we know some seasons are better than others.  We understand because we are moms, too, who also have lives and jobs outside of Duck-Duck-Goose.  We seriously understand!   Saying all of that, we ask that WHEN YOU CAN, please make every effort to sign-up for work shifts.  YOUR efforts are what make Duck-Duck-Goose possible for ALL moms.  With each and every worker, the event runs more smoothly.

So consider joining our team!

Thank you in advance for giving of your time!