Becoming a Consignor

Step 1: Get your consignor number:

Complete our simple online registration and get your number today! The deadline for obtaining your consignor number for the Spring/Summer event is April 19th. Everyone must pre-register to obtain a consignor number. ALL RETURNING CONSIGNORS – need to sign-up for the current event by clicking here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your consignor number is considered a lifetime number. Please continue to use the same number for each event you participate in.

Step 2: Clean, hang and price your items:

Please refer to our READY… SET… TAG section for detailed instructions.

Step 3: Printing tags

Printing and tagging your items has never been easier. Simply enter the information about your items in the on-line system, print your tags onto white cardstock, cut and pin the tags to your items. It’s that easy! Wow… now that’s exciting! CLICK HERE for all the details.

PLEASE NOTE: Our system WILL NOT allow tags to be printed during the event. Therefore, you must complete entering your data and printing your tags by after midnight April 19th.

Tips: Be sure your printer has plenty of ink so that your barcodes print clearly and can be read by our scanners. If you are consigning a large number of items, you may want to print your tags in smaller batches so that you can monitor your print quality as your print.

The system will automatically save all your information about your items, including whether you have printed the tags or not. You can re-print the tags if needed.

If you do not have access to a printer at home or at a friend’s house, there are several options you may consider – public libraries and print/copy shops (such as Office Depot or FedEx/Kinkos).

If you find you are having challenges, please CONTACT US.

Step 4: Bring your items to DROP-OFF

Consignors may now select their own time to drop off their items during any of the three days of Drop-Off! Simply login to your consignor home page and click on “Select a Drop-off Appointment”.

Scheduling your drop-off time will help prevent excessive back-ups in the registration process, while providing you with more personal attention and allowing our quality control gals to do a more thorough job. Maintaining our standards of accepting only high quality merchandise will help you earn more $$$ for your items. We strive to make your experience as a Duck-Duck-Goose consignor as pleasant and convenient as possible and we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during our drop-off and inspection process.

IF YOU ARE DROPPING OFF A DUCK LOAD OF STUFF (i.e. more than 200 items) – PLEASE SEND US AN E-MAIL to with a note in the subject field “Dropping off a DUCK LOAD of stuff”, and include your name, consignor number, approximate number of items you will be consigning, and a phone number where you can be reached. We will make extra efforts to accommodate you by having adequate staff available to assist.

Did you forget to print a tag before the system cut-off? If so – no problem. Just complete the item inventory form and bring it with you to drop-off. We will be happy to print a tag for you.

Step 5: Shop the Consignors Only Private Sale!


As a consignor you earn the privilege to shop before the public!

The Consignors Only Private Sale will be held on Wednesday, April 23rd. No children under 10 are permitted during the private sale. You will receive a pass to the private sale during drop-off. There is a minimum of 30 acceptable items required to earn a private sale pass.

Want to shop even earlier? Check out our WORKER INCENTIVES!

Step 6: Finish by picking up or donating your unsold items

It is your choice to pick-up your unsold items or donate them. Please verify that you have indicated your choice correctly when entering your item information into the tagging system. If your tags have a “D” printed on the lower left side, your item WILL BE DONATED!

All others will be sorted and ready for pick-up. You can pick-up your check and unsold items on Tuesday, April 29th, Noon to 6:00pm. Please refer to our CALENDAR.

There are many worthwhile charities that benefit from the generosity of our consignors each year and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make a difference in the lives of so many children!

Remember: All items left after 6:00pm will be donated charity.

Step 7: Collect your check following the sale

You can pick up your unsold items along with your check on April 29th from NOON until 6:00pm!

If you are not planning to come during pick-up or have decided to donate your items following the event, you may wish to have your check mailed. Checks will be sent to the address you provided when you registered as a consignor. Please make sure your information is accurate.