Printing Tags

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What could be better than printing your tags directly from your home computer!?! Any time day or night… even 2:00am!

No processing
No delivery
No storefront pick-up!

Time is on your side! YOU decide when to enter your information and print your tags!

Simply login as a consignor, enter your information and print your tags on cardstock.  Click here to get started.

The information you will need for each item includes size, price, brief description of the item, whether you would like the item to be discounted on ½ Price Day, and whether you would like to donate the item to charity at the end of the sale.  

Read through all the details of our tagging system, if you still need answers, please feel free to contact us anytime.  We have also put together some videos to help you with Printing Tags and Preparing Your Items.  Click on the topic to watch.

Our tagging system is SIMPLE, efficient and convenient. Consignors will print their own barcoded tags from home on cardstock. All tag printing MUST take place BEFORE drop-off begins. Tags CANNOT be printed at home during the event. Therefore, after midnight on Sunday night, April 20th, the system will not allow tags to be printed.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have access to a printer or find you are having challenges, please CONTACT US.

Are you ready?

Please review the following Q and A about printing your tags:

Printing Tags

What type of supplies do I buy and where do you advise that I find them?

You will need white cardstock, scissors, safety pins and clear packing tape.  All of these items are typically available at Target, WalMart, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Dollar General, Family Dollar and many other retailers.

How many tags will print on one sheet of cardstock?

Tags print 6 per page.  Plan to print a minimum of 6 tags at a time to avoid paper waste.

Do I need to print my tags all at one time?

No. You may print your tags a few at a time or all at once.  The system keeps track of which tags have been printed and which have not.  In fact, we encourage you to print in smaller batches in order to monitor the output quality of your printer and ensure the tags are legible and will scan during the check-out process.   Time and convenience is on your side!

How can I assure that a barcode WILL NOT allow my item to be sold for half price on half price day?

All barcodes are encoded with pricing and discount information when you enter your information.  If your tag has “No Disc” next to the price underneath the barcode, your item will not be discounted on half price day.  In addition, the letters “ND” will appear above the price of your item.  This will further distinguish the item as “no discount”.   If there is nothing next to the price, your item WILL go half price.

PLEASE NOTE: During “half-price” day, we emphasize that all items without an “ND” above the price will be half off.

What if I want to donate some of my items but not all of them, or allow some items to be discounted but not others?

Each item you enter can be marked for donation or discounting however you choose.  You have the choice for every item.   

What if I change my mind and I want an item to be discounted? Can I just mark through the “No Disc” or price?

Please do not alter your barcoded tag in any way. The scanners will read what is encoded on the barcode and NOT your handwriting.  Simply reprint a tag to reflect the change in price or discount preference.

Can I reprint an order?

Yes you can! Reprint tags as often as you want. Just click here to log in as a consignor to view and print.

What if I need a tag at drop-off?

If you forget to print a few tags prior to cutoff, we will be able to print tags for you during drop-off.  Please bring an inventory sheet for the tags you need, and allow enough time for printing and attaching the tags to your items.

I do not have access to a printer. How can I print my tags before drop-off?

If you do not have a printer at home, your tags can be printed from any printer where you have access to the internet. Simply login as a consignor, and print! So easy! Most public libraries, copy/print shops, and many office supply retailers offer access to computers and printers.