Fundraiser Friday!

Duck-Duck-Goose has become a community event! We are excited to introduce a new way to help your church, school or organization this season!

It’s what we call…
Fundraiser Friday!!!

Here’s how it works:
Click here and print off one flyer for your organization. Completely fill in the contact information in the upper right hand corner and make enough copies to distribute to your church, school, soccer team, dance class, scout troop, etc… Any organization that needs to raise money can get involved!!!

What’s in it for you?

Your students, members, players, supporters, etc…

  1. Will bring a copy of the completed flyer with them to Duck-Duck-Goose, Friday, April 25th, 2014 (Friday only).
  2. After shopping, simply have them present their form at checkout.

That’s it!

Duck-Duck-Goose will calculate the total of all purchases made with your flyers (on Friday only) and send your organization a check for 10% of the total. Checks will be mailed at the end of the sale.

It’s that easy!

Hey, think about it: The more flyers you hand out and the more excitement you generate for your fundraiser, the more money your organization can potentially earn!

Fun and simple fundraising!!!

NOTE: In order for purchases to qualify, a completed form MUST be presented at the time of Check-Out.

Organizations must be established with a clearly defined purpose. Types of organizations include educational, religious, philanthropic, cultural, hobby or health. Examples of qualified organizations include schools, church youth groups, charities, boy scouts/girl scouts, sports teams, etc. Distribution of forms must be outside of the premises and/or parking lot of the Duck-Duck-Goose event.

Please email us with any questions using the subject:  Fundraiser Friday to