Want to sign-up?

Consignors who choose to work shifts enjoy these benefits…

  • Shop before the consignor’s Private Sale! Each four-hour shift you choose will allow you an earlier shopping time on the Private Sale Day, Wednesday, April 23rd!
    • Choose 4 shifts to shop at 1:00pm on Wednesday April 23rd AND to shop early on 1/2 price day, April 26th.
    • Work 3 shifts to shop at 2:00pm April 23rd
    • Work 2 shifts to shop at 3:00pm April 23rd
    • Work 1 shift to shop at 4:00pm April 23rd
  • Work at least one shift and we will deduct $5.00 from your consignor registration fee!
  • For EVERY shift you complete, your name will be placed in a drawing. THE WINNER will receive 100% of the selling price from each item you sell at this event! INCREDIBLE!!!
  • Work a LABOR SHIFT and earn credit for working 2 shifts!
  • Help get the word out about Duck-Duck-Goose by helping distribute flyers and marketing materials and earn credit for working.  Contact us for more information about this opportunity. (

Dads and teens (14 and older) can work too!  Their shifts will apply toward your shopping time!  Ask for details (

LABOR SHIFTS:  You will notice on our sign-up sheet that several shifts have been marked as “Labor Shift”.  This means that we are looking for spouses, Dads, or anyone who is willing to assist us with the “heavy lifting” during our store set-up and take-down.  We will be moving, lifting, taking things apart, putting things together, using ladders, tools and other equipment.  If you would like to sign someone up to work these shifts you may sign up under your consignor number/name and we will contact you with details of the shift and to confirm who will be working.  For everyone’s safety, children are not allowed to accompany workers for these shifts.  We appreciate your understanding!

If you are pregnant or have any other special needs, light-duty shifts are available.  Please Contact Us for scheduling special work shifts.

Volunteer Policy:

Our Worker Policy allows us to offer early shopping privileges to those consignors who are responsible and dependable and help us make our sale successful.  We couldn’t do it without you!  The policy below is intended to create an incentive program for our consignors/workers and prevent anyone from taking advantage of early shopping privileges, then failing to work their scheduled shift.  Please thoughtfully consider the commitment before you select a shift.

“A $20.00 fee will be deducted from your earnings for every four hour shift signed up for but not worked. Please Note: THIS FEE WILL BE DEDUCTED EVEN IF YOU SIGNED-UP BUT COULD NOT SHOP THE VOLUNTEER SALE.”

By checking the box below you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the above worker policy.

Proceed To Worker Signup

If you are not consigning and would like to work, check the “Worker Policy” checkbox above and click “Proceed To Worker Signup” (appears after you check the box).  The Worker Signup page will open.  Below the Login button you will see “Need To Register As a Worker?”.

Working Duck-Duck-Goose (even if you are not consigning) has benefits. For all the details check out our FAQ‘s. Thank you for being willing to help make the sale a success for everyone!

To view the Volunteer schedule, click “Proceed To Worker Signup” above (this will only appear after you check the “Worker Policy” checkbox).