Meet Volunteers

Jess – Consigner and Volunteer
Jess is a local Mom whose favorite part of Duck Duck Goose Missoula is being able to work with other moms. “I love Duck Duck Goose. I’m not after the money. I’ve had only positive experiences. I love volunteering, plain and simple.” Jess has consigned, shopped, and volunteered for three sales. She heard about the Duck Duck Goose Consignment sale on Facebook and didn’t register to consign the first year, but came and shopped. She ran into Avorie, the local owner, and Avorie walked walked her through the whole experience right there during the sale. She now is able to sell about 90% of her items each sale! She has learned how to select and price her items to sell. As she gets ready for each sale, she looks at her items to determine “the things I think people would come to the sale for.” Her most difficult items to sell have been the most loved items to them, a handmade John Deere crib set. What made her decide to sell it? “It was so loved by use and worth more to somebody else to love it.” Jess is a stay at home mom to two children and loves to be outdoors, ride horses, and interact with other moms.