2021 Spring/Summer location and dates.

We are working through some complications with our current facility and our location may change. We will announce our location as soon as it is confirmed; at that time, we will also announce volunteer sign-up, new mom registration, and drop-off dates. While this hiccup was completely unexpected, we trust that God has a plan in all things and we are eager to see Him glorified through it. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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2 Responses to 2021 Spring/Summer location and dates.

  1. Angela C Bailey says:

    When is the Spring/Summer sale.

    • bowlinggreen says:

      Hi Angela, Unfortunately, we still haven’t been able to confirm dates, however, I can tell you we have requested a March Sale date. Looking at the calendar at this point, at the earliest: Sale Dates of March 9-13. However, we would definitely prefer March 16 or later. I hope that helps, even just a tiny, little bit.

      Thanks for your continued patience!


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