Coronavirus Update

Many of you have contacted us regarding the rescheduling of our Spring/Summer event.  Thank you for your support and words of encouragement.  We firmly believe that Duck-Duck-Goose directly supports families in our area.  We are happy to report that dates have been reserved at the KNOXVILLE EXPO CENTER in June.  We cannot make any guarantees, but our plan is to have an event that will include your spring, summer and back-to-school items.  Although the news around the country seems grim at this time, our hope is that this message offers you some good news. 


MAY 1st

Spring into Summer with Duck-Duck-Goose



JUNE 3 – 6

(By Appointment Only, Schedule when you Register)



JUNE 8th



JUNE 9th



JUNE 10 – 13



JUNE 17th


Just a reminder, your consignor number is good for LIFE!  So, if by tagging now, during the stay-at-home order, those items are good for seasons to come!!  Your time and efforts will not be wasted.  It’s a great way to clear out and know you are working towards brighter days ahead.  If you paid your $5 pre-registration fee for our April event, your registration can be applied to the next event you participate in (JUNE or SEPTEMBER).   If you have a concern or question please drop us an email with your phone number.  We will be glad to talk with you.

Depending on how events will be handled by June, we will make any needed adjustments… it could be limiting consignors or making provisions for shoppers.  Only time will tell.  Please know that amid these uncertain times we will continue to consider all recommendations made by our local and state authorities while working to implement safety measures suggested by the CDC to protect our families.  We will keep you posted on any updates or changes to our schedule through email and Facebook.

Get ready to play… Duck-Duck-Goose!

Happy tagging!

Stay safe. Be well. Stay home!


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3 Responses to Coronavirus Update

  1. Sandy Dixon says:

    I won’t be able to attend or participate in the sale unless I can bring my mobility scooter, I can only stand about 5 minutes before my back and legs goes out and I fall to the floor. I have to have another spine surgery in April. Is it ok for me to bring my mobility scooter to the sale? I will reserve a $10 donation place in line and repeatedly put items in my reserve buggy.

  2. Ashley Hoover says:

    Thanks for all that you all do! We will consign with you all no matter where the sale is! You all are truly a blessing to our family and the community! Prayers as you all move forward this season!

  3. Ladies let PURGE our houses! Spring cleaning has begun in my house! Every sale for the last 10 years I leave items out of the sale because I run out of time…not this year! Lets make this the best Duck Duck these Great ladies have ever had! They will find a way and a venue for the sale to go on…and the crowd will be even bigger than ever because us Moms will be ready to get out of quarantine and shop!

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