WAIT! We’re not talking about childhood games.
The name’s the same, but the rules have changed;
mom’s everywhere are learning to play Duck-Duck-Goose!

Out of an overabundant shopping sense for our children and the
desire to sell our kid’s stuff, Duck-Duck-Goose was born.  Beginning
only a few years ago, we knew we were not the only consignment sale in town,
but we decided we would be the best!

In our short history, God has blessed us with incredible growth.  Starting with
only 36 ladies and 4 tents in our backyard, we have grown to over 2,500
consignors inhabiting over 100,000 square feet.

Our success, has not been that of chance, but a result of clear set goals and
planning.  Assured excellence, a fresh look, and a never-stop-learning
attitude are all elements that have set our
path to success.  Our experience has been invaluable and
we want to help you!

Due to requests and the desire to help others build consignment events in
their own communities, we have set up a business plan and are using our other
events as study models to help you.  We currently have eight
other sales that are held outside the Knoxville area.  These other events
within the Duck-Duck-Goose family provide realistic goals and expectations
for helping you host a sale in your town.  We are so proud of the job they are doing!

Looking for a positive way to help families in your area?
Duck-Duck-Goose may be for you!  We are looking for dedicated individuals
that have a strong desire and see a need to help their community.
Contact us for more Details.

Let’s play!

The mission of Duck-Duck-Goose is to create a wonderful place to find well-cared for children’s clothing, baby equipment, toys and furniture; while providing each community involved, an excellent source to recycle those gently used items.  The benefits of joining with other moms to have an event such as this, is to provide a common place to buy and sell items that have a specific focus – KIDS!