Becoming a Consignor

Step 1: Start by getting your consignor number:

Complete our simple online registration and get your number today! The deadline for getting your consignor number online for this Spring sale is March 27th. If you miss the online deadline and need a number, come to the store and register in person.  Everyone must pre-register to obtain a consignor number. ALL RETURNING CONSIGNORS – need to sign-up for the current event by clicking here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your consignor number is considered a lifetime number. Please continue to use the same number for each event you participate.

Step 2: Begin by hanging, TAGGING and pricing your items:

Please refer to our READY… SET… TAG section for detailed instructions.

Step 3: Order Barcodes Online

This is the key part of our system. Every item must have a tag with a “sticker” barcode attached.  Barcodes can be ordered online then printed from home on Avery 5160 or 8160 labels. Consignors will have instant access to ordering and printing their own barcodes anytime!

Start ordering your barcodes today and have them TODAY!

Wow… now that’s exciting! CLICK HERE for all the details.

PLEASE NOTE: Barcodes WILL NOT be able to be printed at home during the event. Therefore, all orders will need to be placed online before March 29th,. If you miss the deadline, you will need to have your barcodes printed at the store.  If you need barcodes printed during drop-off, please bring your barcode tally to drop-off so we can print the barcodes for you.  Review all the information on ordering barcodes by CLICKING HERE.

If you do not have access to a printer or find you are having challenges, please CONTACT US.

Step 4: Bring your items to DROP-OFF

Make sure to login to your consignor account and sign up for a Drop-Off appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re unable to print your barcodes and need us to print them for you, we can print an order of no more than 500 barcodes during drop-off. If you need us to print barcodes for you, make sure to order them online the day before you need them. CLICK HERE to order barcodes. Once ordered, email us ( your name, consignor number, batch number and the best number to reach you if we have any questions.

Step 5: Shop the Private Sale!


As a consignor you earn the privilege to shop before the public!

The Private Sale will be held on Tuesday, April 2nd,. No children under 10 are permitted during the private sale. You will receive a pass to the private sale during drop-off. There is a minimum of 25 acceptable items required to earn a private sale pass.

Want to shop even earlier? Check out our WORKER INCENTIVES!

Step 6: Finish by picking up or donating your unsold items.

It is your choice to pick-up or donate your unsold items. Please follow tagging instructions carefully. All cards NOT highlighted will be automatically donated.

All others will be sorted and ready for pick-up. You can pick-up your check and unsold items on Wednesday, April 10th, Noon (12:00pm) to 7:00pm. Please refer to our CALENDAR.

All items left after 7:00pm will be donated charity.

Step 7: Collect your check following the sale.

You can pick up your unsold items along with your check on Wednesday, April 10th from Noon (12:00pm) to 7:00pm! If you are not planning to come during pick-up or have decided to donate your items following the event, you may wish to have your check mailed. If so, you must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope when registering at drop-off. A $5.00 processing fee will be deducted from your earnings if you choose not to pick up your check and you have not provided an envelope during drop-off.