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Avorie – Missoula Owner

In 2011, Avorie found herself facing an uncertain future as a single mom of three small children having only moved to Montana a month prior to her separation from her husband. During this time, Avorie knew she wanted to continue to stay home with her kids. As she considered her employment options, her prior experience with a children’s consignment in Tennessee, Duck Duck Goose, stayed in the back of her mind. With Duck Duck Goose, she had successfully consigned, volunteered, and shopped in order to provide quality clothes and toys for her children. At the time, there was no Duck Duck Goose event outside of the southern states and Avorie considered the possibilities of bringing the sale to her new home. Even with the difficulties and uncertainties of diving into building a business while rebuilding her life, she took the leap and tested her wings.

Five years later, Duck Duck Goose Missoula has become the largest consignment sale in the area. With over 500 consignors and a whopping 2,500 shoppers, she has built a community of successful families who work together to help each other find quality children’s and maternity items at an affordable cost. From volunteers to those who receive the thousands of donated items at the end of the sale, a positive experience and neighborhood friendliness abounds.

Avorie recently married, and together their family looks forward to welcoming you to the Duck Duck Goose event. You will be able to rub shoulders with her, feel her tenacity and passion for helping others, and find success regardless of the circumstances life brings.

Welcome to Duck Duck Goose! Come and Play!


Avorie, Lyle

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