Consignor Registration

Now that you have all the details… are you ready to play Duck… Duck… GOOSE!?!

Pre-Registration OPENS SOON!
We will be LIMITING consignors to the
first 300 who pre-register.

What does this mean?
Pre-registration will confirm your participation in this upcoming event…

When you pre-register for the current sale online, you will be directed to our PayPal feature to reserve your spot.
Pre-registration is only $5.00.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to work the sale, NO other registration fee will be deducted. However, if you are unable to work at least ONE 4-hour shift, an additional $10 will be deducted from your sales following the event.

About Pre-registration:
This is non-refundable registration fee that has been implemented to assure your spot in the upcoming sale, allowing Duck-Duck-Goose to create a plan that serves a “REAL” number of intended participants.

Pre-register today!!

If this is your first time consigning with us, click the link below to register as a new consignor for our upcoming event.

**Please review the “Important Note about PayPal” instructions below before registering.**

Register as a New Consignor

**IMPORTANT NOTE about PayPal**
Please read before clicking either Registration button

As soon as you click the appropriate Registration button, you will be redirected to a page where you will let us know you’re name, address, etc. When you hit “Submit” a “Pay Now” button will appear. Clicking the “Pay Now” button will send you to PayPal to pay the pre-registration fee. You do not need to have a PayPal account to reserve your spot but you will need to have a major credit/debit card. After you’ve paid, you should be redirected back to the registration page that lets you know your registered.
If you are not automatically returned, make sure to click the link “Return to Duck-Duck-Goose. This return will let the system know that you have paid and will show you as Registered.

If you have consigned with us in the past and wish to consign again this season, click the “Returning” link below to register and reserve your spot for this season.

**Please review the new “Important Note about PayPal” instructions above before registering.**

Returning Consignor Log In

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