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Print your barcodes from home!

No processing
No delivery
No storefront pick-up!

Time is on your side! YOU decide when to place and print your order!


We encourage any questions. After you read through all the details of our new system and you still need answers, please feel free to contact us anytime.

We are excited to offer Barcodes-at-Home!

Our system of printing Barcodes-at-Home is SIMPLE, efficient and convenient. Consignors will print their own barcodes from home on Avery® 5160 or 8160 labels. You can find these labels in the office supply section of Walmart, Kmart, Target, Staples and/or any other office supply retail store.

Your Barcodes-at-Home printing can take place anytime before drop-off begins. We recommend you click the link below and order the barcodes you need online, save them to your computer, and print them anytime you would like. (Tip: Barcodes print 30 to a page. If you have multiple items with the same amount, make one order of 30 barcodes with that amount and another order of 30 with a different amount. You can save each order to your computer and print them whenever you need them, now or in the future).

During drop-off, we will still be available to print barcodes for you. If you need to have barcodes printed at the store, fill out this barcode tally sheet and bring it with you during any drop-off day. This will allow us to print your barcodes in less time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have access to a printer or find you are having challenges, please CONTACT US.

Are you ready?

Order MY Barcodes-at-Home!

If you have already ordered barcodes this season and you would like to reprint an order, CLICK HERE.


Please review the following questions about ordering


Will I be able to use my barcodes from last season?

Absolutely! In fact we encourage you not to waste them. As long as your barcodes have your registered consignor number on them, they may be used for your Duck-Duck-Goose lifetime! The barcode hasn’t changed, only the process in which they are printed.

What type of labels do I buy and where do you advise that I find them?

It is important that you use labels that are compatible with the Avery® 5160. The exact size of each sticker is 1” x 2 5/8”. You will find local office supply stores and retailers that have Avery® labels as their “private label”. So, before you buy, just read on the packaging to make sure the size is compatible with the Avery® 5160. If the barcode prints off the sticker the scanner will not scan your tag.

Do I need to place my entire barcode order all at one time?

No. You can place orders as often as you need. That’s what’s so great about Barcodes-at-Home! Place multiple orders and print them anytime! Time and convenience is on your side!

How can I assure that a barcode WILL NOT allow my item to be sold for half price on half price day?

All barcodes are encoded with pricing and discount information when you place your order. If your barcode has “No Disc” next to the price, your item will not be discounted on half price day. If there is nothing next to the price, your item WILL go half price.

PLEASE NOTE: During “half-price” day, we emphasize items without a red dot will be half off. If your item’s barcode reads “No Disc” and there is NO red dot, we must honor what has been emphasized and give the customer the item at half off. PLEASE REMEMBER to place a RED DOT next to the price if you want FULL PRICE for your item on HALF PRICE DAY.

What if I change my mind and I want an item to be discounted? Can I just mark through the “No Disc” or price?

Please do not alter your barcode sticker in anyway. The scanners will read what is encoded on the sticker NOT your handwriting. Simply reprint a barcode to reflect the change in price or discount preference.

Can I reprint an order?

Yes you can! Reprint past orders as often as you want. Just log in as a consignor to view and print.

What if I need a barcode at drop-off?

It will be business as usual during drop-off. If you need 2 or 200 barcodes, we will print them for you free of charge. Please bring a tally of barcodes needed allowing enough time to order the stickers and place them on your tags.

All the stores around town are out of labels. Any suggestions?

Check with your local office supply and discount stores, they will often order and have shipments held for you at their service desk. Some will even send shipments to your home for free!

If you cannot find labels around town, order them online. The Avery® 5160 label is very common. So a quick Internet search will result in a large variety of resources.

I do not have access to a printer. How can I print my barcodes before drop-off?

If you do not have a printer at home, your barcode order can be saved to a file on your computer. Your order is now a pdf. document and can be sent to a friend’s email or taken to a local office supply store for printing. Save your file to a jump drive or disc and take it with you to print anywhere. If you have any questions you can contact us.

How can I make sure my barcodes print correctly?

When you are ready to print your barcodes and you see the print window, look for “Page Scaling”. Always make sure this is set to “None”.  Or go into your printer’s Advanced Settings and choose “Borderless” which basically turns off all margins. Your barcodes should print perfectly when you do this.

If you are still having troubles after doing the above steps, please email us at shop@dkdkgoose.com and leave a brief description and a number where we can contact you.