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Post a question here and one of our top consignors will tell you how she preps her items for optimum sales.

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  1. carolyn says:

    Hi Stephanie! And congrats on the great sale! Just a simple question about pricing. How do you price your items so they sell fast without feeling like you gave them away?

  2. Stephanie says:

    I price them based on what I paid for them, what condition they are in, and weather I have the original product pamphlet. I ask myself if I would purchase this item used, and would I buy it for what I am pricing it at. I consider the rule of 30% – $40% Duck Duck Goose recomends but price it more for what I feel it is worth. And sometimes that is more like 50% to 60%.

    • Stephanie says:

      Correction: I price them based on current retail price (OR) what i paid for them if they are not a current selling item.

  3. Laurie says:

    Hey Stephanie… just wondering if you had any ideas for preparing baby bed linen sets- all matching quilt, bumper, sheets, even the matching lamp and wall decor? To see it is to believe how cute it is and I couldn’t figure out how best to present my items!
    Also, baby/ toddler hats? On clip hangers or in baggies or is there a hat rack at the sale?? Thanks for any help and or ideas! Laurie

    • Stephanie says:


      There is no better way to display your nursery decor than the set it up on a bed being sold in this event. If you ask Brad, he will, if there is a bed available, dress the bed and create a nursery within the sale. I did not sale my beautiful set last sale because there was not a bed available. And I agree that some sets just can’t be valued properly without seeing it in “action.” If there isn’t a bed available the day of the sale then do your best to package it as you would have purchased it. Do you still have the original bag? or packaging? Make sure you have an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper listing all items included and original purchase price.

      As for hats, I put the 3 1/2 X 5 card in a snack baggie and then pin the baggie to the hat. I, as a consumer, would want to open the hat so putting it in a baggie might turn some buyers off. The baggie helps prevent the card from being torn off the hat.

  4. Heather says:


    I need your opinon on onesies. I have too many groups of onesies to keep it within the 10 limit rule. The majority are the nice 5 pack of carters onsies. Do you think they would sell any better if I keep them grouped together or try to sell each of them for $1 on a hanger? A few of the groups I also have matching pants so I was going to put them all in one bag if I could because I am the kind of person that would want the matching sets. What do you think?


    • Stephanie says:


      Are your onesies the plain white under onesies or the themed sets? All the white under onesies should be put into a baggie in lots of 5 to 7 of the same size. I sell these one dollar each. 5 onesies $5, 7 onesies $7. This saves you hanger cost. The themed onesies are nice to put on a hanger with the pants/shorts pinned to the back and an extra matching onesie/pants/shorts in a baggie attached to the hanger. Onesies are still priced $1 each, pants $2. So price groupings accordingly. But the overall price is your discretion.

      Please let me know, here, if this does not answer your question or if I misunderstood what you were asking.


  5. Anne Marie says:


    You give some great advice here. I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for selling a Baby Bjorn baby carrier. I have toted mine to several sales, and still, I bring it home. It currently sells at 99.00 and I’ve priced it at 1/3 and 1/4 of the price…. Thanks!

    • Stephanie says:

      Anne Marie,

      My best guess for why your baby carrier isn’t selling is becuase it isn’t the latest “fad.” So many new moms are going for the Moby Wraps and styles like it.

      However, a good way to market your item is in its original box if you have it. Either way go online and print a current selling add for your item from a store that is easily accessed by anyone. Not an online store unless it’s not found in stores. Make sure the add also has a picture of the exact, or very close to, the one you are selling.

      This will let the buyer know what the price is for the item and by having a picture gives your price more credability. Also, put it in a plastic bag that is large enough for the buyer to see what it is. Don’t cram it into a small gallon bag.

      I hope this helps.


  6. Kelly says:


    Do you have any advice on selling books/board books? I was thinking I would want to see the inside of books but taping a card to the back might tear the cover? Thanks!


    • springtx says:


      Try putting the books into Zip-Lock bags with the card taped to the outside. Customers are then able to view the contents of the book.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Virginia says:

    This will be my first consignment. I am in my second pregnancy with my a baby girl and am ready to pass along my baby boys clothes and accessories. Any first timer suggestions? Also where do you find the junior hangers?

  8. Stephanie says:

    First you should put together a “kit” of supplies. You can find theses supplies in the Ready..Set…Tag section of the online information. Keep it in one box/bin for easy access. Once you get started the process is an assembly line and if your items are organize and in easy reach it will make it go faster.

    Please note you do not need the orange ribbon if you do not have boutique items. You do not need the red marker if your items will be available for the half price discount. And you do not need the highlighters if you would like your items not sold to be donated.

    Smaller hangers can be found at Wal-Mart as well as the dollar store.

    I DO NOT recommend purchasing safety pins from the dollar store. They are cheap and they snag clothes. The better the safety pin the easier they are to use. Spend the extra on good quality safety pins.

    If you have any original boxes or packaging for your items, clean them and return them to their original packaging. It’s nice to get a good deal but better to be able to gift a good deal. So the packaging makes an item more appealing. If no packaging is available try to find documentation on how an item works online and place it in a plastic bag for the buyer. Yes they can do this once they buy an item but you will sell it faster if it is already included. Again Presentation is key.

    Make sure all clothing is washed and pressed if necessary. It’s like that say in business location location location can make a business successful. And in the same sense presentation presentation presentation will guarantee you a sale over the next seller even if your price is a little higher.

    As far as pricing… that is any one person’s opinion. I have a friend of mine price my items because she is good at it. And when they don’t sell over a three sale span I reduce them. Sometimes you just have to wait for the right shopper to sale an item.

    Combine pieces to make outfits. The designer name doesn’t have to match but the size should.

    I hope this helps.


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