Security Tags

Working with the general public the past few years, has provided insight into the criminal mind. We are aware; there are some less than honest shoppers that when given the opportunity will switch tags.  Although we encounter very few instances, not even ONE can be tolerated! Our desire is to do everything possible to protect your items.

This reality has led us to provide you with a secure option. Last season we introduced security tags and they worked very well for those who used them. We will have them available again this season. These tags will be optional but are highly recommended for your large equipment, furniture, and higher priced items (breast pumps, carriers, designer diaper bags, etc).

Made of heavy cardstock, these two-part tags with matching security numbers will be fastened to your item through a metal eyelet using a zip-tie. The shopper will remove the bottom portion of the tag to purchase… so the upper part with your information will remain on your item at all times.

At the time of purchase, the buyer will have their claim ticket stamped to prove their purchase. Before leaving the store, they will be asked to present their claim ticket for any secured items. The two numbers on each tag must match before the shopper can leave the store. Using these will provide a great deal of security against a tag being lost or switched. They will be available to purchase during drop-off for $1.00 each. Please bring your completed index card for each item you wish to secure. The card will be attached to the security tag at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: even though these tags will make your items more secure, we cannot guarantee your items against theft.

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