Earn Duck Bucks!

Earn Duck Bucks by referring your friends and family!

5 registered consignor referrals = 10 Duck Bucks

10 registered consignor referrals = 30 Duck Bucks

15 registered consignor referrals = 60 Duck Bucks

20 registered consignor referrals = 100 Duck Bucks

25 registered consignor referrals = 150 Duck Bucks

To receive credit for a consignor referral, all the new consignor has to do is fill in the name of the person that referred them when registering online.  Duck Bucks will be awarded during your scheduled drop off day.  Consignors receiving Ducks Bucks must consign 25+ items to be eligible.

Referral Duck Bucks can only be used during the current sale and cannot be carried over to future sales.  No refunds or change will be given for any unused Duck Bucks at the time of purchase.  Duck Bucks have no cash value and can only be redeemed for consigned goods at the Duck-Duck-Goose event in Spring/The Woodlands.

Come on & play!!!

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