Duck Dash !!!

We are EXCITED to announce
a NEW promotion
that we’ve had at our other Duck-Duck-Goose events…

It’s our ALL NEW
Duck Dash!!!

Starting at 5:00pm, ALL NON HIGHLIGHTED (donations) ITEMS priced $9 and under will be $1.00 and items that have NO HIGHLIGHT that are priced $10 and higher will be $5.00.

This should prove to be a great opportunity for our CONSIGNORS to sell more and SHOPPERS to save!!!

To take advantage of this event you do not need to do anything more. Every item will remain on the floor during the DASH. Our shoppers will be given instructions that any item remaining without a highlight is included in the savings.

It’s up to you if you choose to highlight your items. So consider this when tagging. If you plan on donating (not highlighting your cards), those items will automatically be part of the 5:00pm DUCK DASH promotion. This will bring shoppers in one last time, giving ALL remaining items another chance to be seen and SOLD!

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