Drop-off & Pick-up…

Drop-off will be held for 3 days!

Drop-Offs are By Appointment Only.

After registering as a consignor, please schedule your drop-off day and time. Keep in mind – your items must be “Rack Ready” at your chosen drop-off time. This means all items must be hung, pinned, tagged and barcoded before you arrive.
If you need barcodes printed on site, please consider a later drop-off time. We will need to keep everyone moving – no congregating will be allowed. Barcodes printed onsite will need to be attached to your tags at home or at your car.

How do I schedule a drop-off appointment?

It’s Simple – Login to your HomePage and click “Select a Drop-Off Appointment”

What should I expect at drop-off?

If you need barcodes, leave your items in your vehicle and come into the store, someone at the check-in table will be able to print barcodes for you (please bring your tally sheet). Once you have your barcodes, you may return to your car to place them on your tags, or you may return home to do this. When you are finished, or if you already have barcodes on your items, grab a Z-rack and unload your items from your vehicle, or wait until an empty Z-rack is brought to you.  When you bring your items in, you will be directed to one of the clothing inspection stations. Once your clothes, shoes, and infant items have been removed from the Z-rack, proceed to the check-in tables for toys, baby gear, maternity, and books. Our volunteers will check to make sure items have all parts/pieces and are in working order (please be sure batteries are included if needed). Once your items are checked and accepted, proceed to the check-in table, where you will fill out your Consignor Agreement form. If your clothes are still being inspected, please have a seat in our waiting area; a volunteer will get you when your clothes and shoes are ready for you to put out on the sales floor. Size sections are labeled so that if you look to the sign on your right and on your left, they should both indicate the size you’re currently in. Pay close attention to the size sections, and if you have a question, please ask! It’s better to take a little extra time to be careful to put your items in the correct place and get your items sold than to put things where someone isn’t going to be looking. For example: someone shopping for size 4 isn’t going to buy your misplaced size 3; likewise, someone shopping for your size 3 isn’t going to think to look in size 4. Also, be aware when putting away your shoes; there are little kids size 5’s and big kids size 5’s!! After you put all your items out, please stop back by the check-in table for your wristband and for any unaccepted items to take back home with you. You’re done!

When dropping off your items you’ll need to plan to be on location for at least 45 minutes. This will allow time to check in through quality control, put your items away on the sales floor, and fill out your agreement form. Allow extra time if you are bringing a “Duck-Load of Stuff,” if you arrive at peak hours (10 am, during lunch break, or right after work), or if you plan to order and attach your barcodes at your car during drop-off. KEEP IN MIND: at 6:00 pm sharp, we have only ONE person working with any last-minute drop-offs who came in before 6 but are not finished yet. If you are not all the way through the drop-off process before we “close” drop-off at 6 pm and we start working on store cleanup, it may take much longer for you to get through. We cannot accept anyone ARRIVING at 6 pm. Please be courteous and consider all the work that needs to be done before our volunteers go home; try to plan to be all the way through drop-off before 6 pm. Thanks!!

NOTICE: We need your help to keep the area in front of the doors clear of parked cars during the entire drop-off process. Please exercise common courtesy!

Preparing for Check-In

During check-in you will:

  • Fill out an agreement form.
  • Have your participation fee deducted from your final earnings. (So no need to bring payment.)
    **See how you can save $15.00 off your participation fee by visiting our workers page.
  • Provide a self-addressed stamped envelope if you do not plan to pick-up your unsold items following the sale. (Your envelope is what will be used to mail your check at the end of the sale so please make sure the information provided is correct.)
  • Be given the opportunity to sign-up for any remaining work shifts at this time.
  • Pick-up your private sale wristband at the check-in table after you place everything on the sales floor.
  • Take promotional materials to share within your circle of friends and family. You’re our best form of advertising, spread the word and get your items sold!

A good suggestion to help prepare you for drop-off: Use rubber bands to group sizes and gender together (this will help YOU when putting your items away on the sales floor)

Completing Check-In

Check-in is not complete until you put your clothes, shoes and infant items away
Anything left at the inspection station will NOT be put on the sales floor, so make sure you allow enough time to put EVERYTHING in its APPROPRIATE place. THANKS!!

Pick-Up & Unsold Items

All consignors must highlight their tags if you plan to pick-up your unsold items. Use the chart below to find which color of highlighter to use. Example: If your last name begins with the letter “M” then you would use a yellow highlighter creating a band of color down the right side of each index card (notice the shaded area). Spring 2024 pick-up- Wednesday, March 13th, 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  Please do not arrive before noon.

Any unsold items left after 7:00pm will be donated or sold.


Please check FAQ’s for other questions, or you may contact us!