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Duck Duck Goose is open to the Public Wednesday through Saturday. Saturday is Half-Price Day: anything WITHOUT a red dot will be half price. You do not need to register or receive a pass to shop the Public Sale. Just bring your shopping list and a friend!

On Tuesday before the Public Sale, we host a private shopping day for our volunteers, sponsors, consignors, and First-Time Moms!

Consignors Register Here | Volunteers Register Here

11:00am & 9:00am on Half-Price Day – Consignors with four 4-hr work shifts, or non-consignors with five 4-hr work shifts

11:00am – Consignors with three 4-hr work shifts, or non-consignors with four 4-hr work shifts

1:00pm – Consignors with two 4-hr work shifts, or non-consignors with three 4-hr work shifts

3:00pm – Consignors with one 4-hr work shift, or non-consignors with two 4-hr work shifts

5:00om – Consignors Private Shopping, or non-consignors with one work shift

7:00pm – First-Time Moms’ Private Sale – Register Here

What are you waiting for? Come On and Play!


Please check FAQ’s for other questions, or you may contact us!