Where is Duck-Duck-Goose?

Duck Duck Goose has a new location!

We are thrilled to announce WKU Knicely Conference Center as our new home!  This facility is beautiful! And, because of  its large size, Duck Duck Goose will NOT be limiting consignors, so if you would like to consign, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO START!

Why a new location? Here’s what we posted back in June:

Duck Duck Goose Has Grown! God has continued to bless us with so many new and returning consignors. It has truly become a community-wide event! As most of you know, we’ve been bursting at the seams for several sales, and have had to restrict our registration to only 400 consignors. Registration has been intense, filling up in as little as 48 hours after opening.  Additionally, God has blessed Potter Children’s Home as well! Their sale has also grown and it is no longer practical for them to move out of the gymnasium on our behalf. It makes me think about how richly God blessed Abram and Lot to the point that the land could no longer support them together. God is still good thousands of years later! We are excited to continue to benefit Potter Children’s Home by providing donations at the end of every sale. Many consignors don’t want to take unsold items back home with them (decluttering is such a freeing feeling!) and we are happy to continue facilitating the donation of these items to Potter.


We look forward to seeing you there!