Consignor Registration opens in June for Fall 2021!

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You could win $100 Duck Bucks by helping 3 friends become new consignors!

Ready to help some new Ducklings learn to swim?

Duck Duck Goose grows faster with you! It’s no secret that the biggest sale day is the Private Sale on Tuesday. A significant amount of your items are sold before we’re even open to the public. But it might be a secret that YOU can help increase those sales by recruiting more consignors and volunteers (i.e. Private Sale shoppers!) There. Secret exposed!

Think back to when you were a Duckling and had just started consigning, wouldn’t it have been awesome if someone with experience had been just a text message away? Now think about your friends, family and coworkers: they may be looking for the very thing you have found — a great way to cash out of their children’s items and buy next season’s at a discount!

Ready to be rewarded for what you do already — telling others about Duck Duck Goose? Of course you are! Why the extra incentive? We want you to go the extra mile with three of them. Answer their questions, help them get registered, let them know what to expect, share your tips and tricks, and then encourage them to follow through and bring their items! Want to increase your chances of winning? Each new consignor = one entry, and entries are unlimited!


Your consignors  must be NEW consignors, meaning they have never consigned at Duck Duck Goose before = Ducklings.

Your Ducklings must actually drop-off. Good intentions don’t count. 😉

You must have three Ducklings drop-off for you to be eligible.

You have to be a past or current consignor.

Prize value is $100 duck bucks that can be picked up during the Private Sale and do not expire.

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Now accepting BOUTIQUE TEENS!

ONLY BOUTIQUE and Name brands will be accepted, see details under Consignors; READY, SET, TAG!

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Now accepting MATERNITY! – all seasons

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First Mom Registration

Please make sure you qualify before registering.  See First Mom Club

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Who are we?

A note from Lyn & Megan

We can’t begin to express how excited we are to follow in Monica and Teressa’s footsteps. It has been such a blessing to be a part of Duck Duck Goose for the past four years, and we are looking forward to how God is making it a bigger part of our lives. We are so grateful for the friendships we have with many of you, and are eager to continue developing relationships as we get to know every member of our Duck Duck Goose family!
We would love it if you have the time to send a quick note about you and your family and how you have been involved in Duck Duck Goose. Please include a picture!
We haven’t had a chance to meet everyone yet, so we’d like to go ahead and introduce ourselves:
Lyn has four children, Megan, Garrett, Kaylyn and Julia, and six grandsons and two granddaughters. She was married to her husband Jim for 23 years before he passed away after a two-year battle with cancer. Lyn has been an event coordinator for over 25 years from weddings, to high school events, to church programs.IMG_3105

Megan is married to her amazing husband, Mitchell Bolz. They will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in August, 2020. They have six sons, Mitch, Ivan, Daniel,  Isaac, Deacon, and Kennen and in November 2020 the added their first girl, Avonleigh. Megan is a stay-at-home mom who is home-schooling her children in academics, and teaching so much more through life skills, and by example.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Fall/Winter event! Mark your calendars…the sale begins soon!  Come on and play!
Lyn & Megan
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