Ready… Set… TAG

Materials Needed For Tagging:

    • Hangers
    • 3 x 5 Index Cards
    • Safety Pins
    • Red marker: if not discounting
    • Highlighter: if not donating (color is determined by the first letter of your last name; use diagram below)
    • Sandwich Bags
    • Clear Packing Tape
    • 1/4″ orange curling ribbon (type used for gift wrapping). Used when consigning boutiqueitems.
    • tally sheet (only needed if you want us to print barcodes during drop-off)
    • Avery® labels- Template 5160
    • Access to a computer and printer
    • Order Barcodes to print from home

Hanging Items:

  • Place clothing on hangers with the hook turned left (see diagram 1.a below)
  • Pants, shorts & skirts should be secured on hangers using safety pins – NOTE:  Attach to top, angled portion of the hanger rather than the straight bottom portion.
  • Please give every item the TUGG test.
    [Tested and (U won’t fall to the Ground) Garment].
  • If it comes off the hanger, add more safety pins! Items do not sell if they have fallen under the racks or if they loose their tag. When in doubt use more PINS.
  • 2 piece outfits: first, place the shirt or jacket onto the hanger and then pin the bottoms to the back of the shirt or jacket.  (Pin both pieces to ensure the outfit stays together and that the weight of the second piece doesn’t put a hole in the first piece).
  • Make sure clothing is clean and pressed if necessary.
  • Please use junior hangers on 0-18 month clothing.


Tagging Items:

  • Use ONLY 3×5 index cards to tag all items.
  • Place the 3×5 card on the upper right side of the garment, attaching the card with a safety pin thru the bottom left corner of the card. (see diagram 2.a below)
  • Each tag must be complete with your consignor #, size, price, description and barcode (see diagram 2.b below)
  • Order Barcodes online.

The format below must be followed carefully!!!!



A good suggestion is to use reinforcement circles or tape in the corner of each card before inserting the safety pin.
Securing your tags will help sell your items. Please understand if anything looses a tag we can not sell it.

If you are NOT DONATING your items at the end of the sale you MUST HIGHLIGHT YOUR CARDS. Your highlight color will be determined by the FIRST LETTER of your LAST NAME. Please refer to the example at the bottom of the page to determine your specific highlight color.

Pricing Items:

  • A general rule for pricing your item is to figure 30-40% of what you originally paid. The condition of the item will raise or lower that figure.
  • Use only whole dollar increments (this means NO ITEMS under $1.00).
  • Place a RED DOT next to the price if you DO NOT want this item to be discounted during the ½ price sale. During “half-price” day we emphasis items without a red dot will be half off. If your item’s barcode reads “No Disc” but there is no red dot, we must honor what has been emphasized and give the customer the item at half off. PLEASE REMEMBER to place a RED DOT next to the price if you want FULL PRICE for your item on HALF PRICE DAY

Preparing Shoes:

  • Shoes must be appropriate to the season
  • Infant and toddler shoes must be placed in zip-loc bags with tag placed inside bag.
  • For larger size shoes: tie laces together and place a safety pin thru them to secure tightly. On shoes without laces use the appropriate size zip-loc to keep them together. Another option is to use zip ties to hold shoes together. Our goal is to keep matching pairs together. Please use your best judgment to help make this possible.

Preparing Toys, Books, DVDs, Large Equipment & Furniture:

  • Toys having loose pieces should be placed in a zip-loc bag then attached to the item as securely as possible. (Imagine 10 toddlers surrounding your item, tape accordingly. We are not responsible for lost or damaged pieces.)
  • After filling out your 3×5 index card as pictured above, Place the card in a sandwich bag .
  • Attach your now protected tag to the item with clear packaging tape only!
  • The above steps will protect your tag from being ripped or damaged.

What you may consign with Duck-Duck-Goose?

Items accepted:

  • Children’s Clothing that is in current style and season.
  • Boys infant thru size 18
  • Girls infant thru size 18
  • In season shoes
  • Boutique Items – season appropriate for the current sale
  • All things for baby: furniture, equipment, bedding, strollers, pack-n-plays, Etc.
  • Pretend play, dress-up clothes and dolls
  • Sports equipment (in season and good condition)
  • Power wheels, riding toys, and Little Tykes equipment
  • Toys for infants, toddlers thru teens
  • Puzzles, Books, Boxed Games, CD’s, DVD’s, All gaming systems
  • Anything for children that is in GREAT condition!
  • Maternity- all seasons, must be current style
  • TEENS Boutique or Name brand ONLY and Formal Wear, must be current style and season. In addition to formal wear, we will only be accepting the TEEN brands on this list, click here.
  • For more info on tagging teen items, see our TEEN edition of this page by clicking here.

Items we will NOT accept:

  • Clothing with stains, holes, missing buttons or broken zippers.
  • No out of date clothing will be accepted.
  • T- shirts unless they are in excellent condition.
  • Toys, equipment or furniture with missing/non-functioning parts.
  • Items missing batteries that require them to fully function (Batteries must be included).

What is season appropriate?

Spring/Summer Sale
– Short sleeves
– Shorts and pants
– Sandals, tennis shoes, dress shoes
– Lightweight sweaters/jackets
– St Patrick’s Day, and Easter attire (even if it’s long sleeves)
– Long Sleeves ONLY IF it’s obviously spring in color or design, or part of a Boutique’s Spring Line
– Lightweight long sleeves up to size 6mo (do not bring fleece, flannel, or other  heavy material)
– Swim wear, accessories and pool toys
– Absolutely no corduroy, velvet, fleece, or flannel
Fall/Winter Sale
– Long Sleeves
– Pants
– Boots/Close-toed shoes
– Winter coats, gloves, accessories
– Halloween Costumes
– Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day attire (even if it’s short sleeves)
– Name brand athletic shirts (Under Armor, Nike, Adidas), can be short sleeves
– Polo or dress-shirts for school can be short sleeves
– Boutique items may be short sleeves only if it’s part of a fall line

Final decisions on whether or not something is accepted are made by our clothing checkers. If they determine that something would sell better in our next sale, please be understanding and just save it for the next sale. Thanks!

Conditions & Limitations:

  • Please inspect your items closely before bringing them to the sell. Ask yourself, “would I buy this again?” Keep in mind that we reserve the right to refuse any item that does not meet our standards.
  • Make sure toys, strollers, play pens, etc. are super clean and in working condition.
  • All toys must include all parts and those requiring batteries MUST have batteries.
  • Car seats more than 5 years old will not be accepted due to safety regulations.  This rule gives approximately one year’s use to the buyer for infant carriers, and longer use for other car seats that the buyer will need to use for a longer period.
  • DO NOT bring a car seat that has been in a crash.
  • Please check out this link for possible recalls on toys or equipment.
  • 5 of your best stuffed animals (must be super clean and current).
  • 15 of your favorite kid’s books. (Limit 15 tags, Tip: sell multiple books in a zip-lock with one tag).
  • No Limitation on your BEST children shoes (sizes 13 and under must be in a zip-loc bag).
  • No Limitation on your BEST onesies.
  • No Limitation on your BEST sleepers.

Great tip- Placing 2 to 4 of the same size onesies or sleepers in one bag can bring a higher price then trying to sell them individually.

Planning to pick-up your unsold items?

All consignors must highlight their tags if you plan to pick-up your unsold items.

Use the chart below to find which color of highlighter to use. Example: If your last name begins with the letter “M” then you would use a yellow highlighter creating a band of color down the right side of each index card (notice the shaded area).


Please check FAQ’s for other questions, or you may contact us!